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Give PCHSearch&Win a try – Whether You’re Young or Young at Heart!

“Mommy, what’s today’s prize?”

When my 7-year-old daughter asks me this question, she’s not
trying to find out if I got her a surprise,
she’s interested in the Publishers Clearing House Search & Win’s Prize of
the Day.

Now, I work for Publishers Clearing House in the creative
department, so naturally I’m excited about the instant-win opportunities
available at PCHSearch&Win. But, I’m proud to say that at the young age of
seven, my daughter knows a good opportunity when she sees one, too!

PCHSearch&Win is a search site where
you can win instant prizes when you search the internet! I’m talking about fantastic prizes – like electronics, gift cards, cash and more!

At my house, we’re online all the time. Whether we’re doing research for school reports, checking the weather forecasts or looking for sales at our favorite stores, we use PCHSearch&Win. And why not? It’s easy to use and we get great search results (although we can’t “win instantly” since I am a Publishers Clearing House employee) — but YOU could! In fact, there are lots of instant winners at PCHSearch&Win every day!

Wouldn’t you love to join the ranks of PCHSearch&Win
instant winners? Whether you’re young – or young at heart — why not visit and give it a try?

Have you used PCHSearch&Win? How was your experience?
Are there any new instant prizes you’d like to see offered? We’d love to hear
from you.

Good luck!

Elaina R.

PCH Online Creative Department

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