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PCH Family Works Closely to Bring You Giveaway Excitement and Fabulous Bargains

Publishers Clearing House? Talk to most people here at PCH and they’ll admit that we should change the name to Publishers Clearing Home!

Why? It’s simple. Behind all the giveaway excitement, Big Check elation and fabulous bargains, there's a strong tie that binds the PCH Team. People don’t work at PCH for “years”… decades are more like it. My friend Al has been at PCH for 43 years… Jan has been here 36 years… Mike has been here 30 years… and I’ve worked for PCH for 16 years. Why? Because we care about the company, our customers and each other. We're family. And our founders, Harold and LuEsther Mertz, started Publishers Clearing House as a small family business. It’s never lost that family feeling.

Every morning, before the work starts, you can hear colleagues gathered in the dining room or small hallway clusters talking about their children, grandchildren and hobbies. Carol’s son Eric just had a baby boy (well, actually, his wife did). Kim just bought the shoes to go with her wedding dress. Mark just got the children’s book “Everybody Poops,” because his son is potty training. You can rejoice in the good things happening to coworkers and sympathize with the trials they’re experiencing. These close friendships help keep Publishers Clearing House operating smoothly because we rely on teamwork. Teamwork is much easier when you really like the people that you work with!

Just a few weeks ago one of our coworkers passed away unexpectedly. There were a lot of tears and sadness here. It felt like we lost a member of the family, because we did. He will be missed by all of us.

Of course, every single person who enters a Publishers Clearing House contest giveaway or takes advantage of one of our fabulous bargains becomes part of this special PCH family. And to all you folks who’ve entered the PCH Sweepstakes, played our free online games and tried our merchandise and magazines, we shout – "Welcome Home!"

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