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Winning Moments Are Just Like “Experiential TV”

There’s something new to be seen in some upscale hotel rooms these days: “experiential TV.”

Say you check-in to a hotel room and you are completely exhausted after a long day of traveling. You want to relax, so you turn on the TV. But instead of watching some ear-blasting action flick, you can see a glorious sunset and hear waves lapping on tropical shores. Or you can see and hear a gentle waterfall in a Hawaiian paradise, or the slapping of water against the hull of a sailboat in the Caribbean. Ahhh, it’s almost like being there.

That’s what we think our videotaped-live winning moments can do for TV viewers like you as well: put you THERE, at the moment the PCH Prize Patrol knocks on some lucky person’s door and announces “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!”

I must admit that a PCH winning moment is not the most soothing or relaxing type of “experiential TV.” In fact, it’s so exciting that it’s been known to weaken the knees, produce shrieks and cause momentary heart stoppages.

I bet you’re saying “Bring it on! I can handle that. I’ll take a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House any day of the week instead of a rest in a comfy recliner.”

Want to see some of the PCH Prize Patrol’s “experiential TV”? Just click here on this link to There you will see some of our recent winning moments – featuring SuperPrize winners like Joe Beane, Marilyn Ragin, Stephanie Gornichec, Doris Gray and Natalie Bostelman – all winners of prizes worth a Million Dollars and up!

And while you are at, just click on the red “Enter Now” button and you could be on your way to the best “experiential TV” you can imagine: the moment our Prize Patrol and video crew arrives with roses, balloons and a Big Check with YOUR NAME on it making for a very special winning moment!

Good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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