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PCH Prize Patrol Always Finds Their Sweepstakes Winner — Even on a U.S. Military Base

After the Million Dollar SuperPrize was awarded to Joe Beane of Las Vegas, NV, the Prize Patrol wasted no time in hopping on a flight to Bracketville, TX to find their next $10,000 sweepstakes winner – Delbert Harris.  After leaving the airport, they were on their way to the hotel when they realized they were going to be passing Delbert’s home. They made the smart decision of scoping out his house so they would know where to go the next day to deliver the prize.

I say it was smart because not only did they pass the location, not knowing he lived on the military base of Fort Clark Springs, but they also accidentally passed the security guard trying to flag them down. Finally catching sight of the guard, they went back and asked if he knew where Delbert lived. He called his manager, Matt, on the phone and told him that the Prize Patrol was going to be delivering a prize to a lucky sweepstakes winner the next day and wanted some information.

Matt was ecstatic to hear that the Prize Patrol was going to be around and offered every bit of help he could. He called the media and was even the PCH’s own personal spy! The staff was very happy to see the PCHers, had their pictures taken with the Prize Patrol and even gave the native New Yorkers a tour of the base, on which a few movies have been filmed (starring John Wayne, no less!). But Delbert was kept in the dark the whole time. Matt the security director/Prize Patrol Spy was keeping an eye on Delbert, and with his help, the Prize Patrol surprised their newest sweepstakes winner when he was halfway between the car and his house, a grocery bag in each hand. Not knowing what to do, Delbert proceeded to put his groceries in the house, and then came back outside for his $10,000 big check!

Delbert is an Air Force veteran, originally from Detroit, MI. He is a just loves to enter the sweepstakes of Publishers Clearing House, and it just goes to show that having a little faith can pay off. Mrs. Harris was not home at the time of the prize delivery, but Delbert says that he is going to pay off some bills with the prize award money and maybe the two of them will go on a cruise.

After the Texas trip, it was back to Port Washington, NY for a normal day of work! That equals two prizes, three time zones and four days. Kudos to the Prize Patrol for coming into work on Friday, you’re about as dedicated to getting work done as Mailman/SuperPrize winner Joe Beane.

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