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Would You Like To Win A Trip Into Outer Space From Publishers Clearing House?

At Publishers Clearing House we always want to present the most exciting prizes possible to folks who enjoy entering our famous sweepstakes.  Over the years we have found that huge cash SuperPrizes — a million dollars AND UP – never fail to generate tremendous enthusiasm and response.  But we have to look to the future.  Might there be an even more exciting prize for us to offer in years to come?

I don’t know about you, but I would love to win a trip into outer space.  Sure, I’ve seen that marvelous “Blue Marble” photo of our Earth taken from the Moon’s surface, and yes there are some 3D movies that make intergalactic travel seem pretty darn real.  But I’d like to experience “the real thing.”

Well, according to the newspapers, tourism in space is not that far away.  Boeing is jumping on the bandwagon, joining seven rich adventurers who have already journeyed into space riding in Russian Soyuz capsules.  Unfortunately, based on the reports, one would need the “right stuff” to take such an “out of this world” vacation: a TON of money.  And passenger space will be limited – to maybe three per voyage.

But prices always come down.  Just think how much cell phones and iPods used to cost!   Maybe the SuperPrize you win in years to come will be big enough to get you a seat or two on a flight. Who knows? Maybe in the future you could even enter to win a trip to the moon courtesy of PCH! They say that launches will be from Cape Canaveral, just a short hop from Disney World which would make for a nice pit-stop on your way to space.

Of course I am not eligible to win our sweepstakes.  So if I want to take such a trip it will have to be on a Prize Patrol mission to deliver a Big Check to a resident of the International Space Station.

Ahh, such fantasies! But, hey, YOU can enter to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes just as easily as the next guy.  So go for the Moon and ENTER!

Just click on this link to and enter today – and enter every day for more chances to win.

Blast off! and good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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