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Entering Online Sweepstakes Is Like Finding A New Hobby

My wife recently took up the hobby of bonsai, the art of growing miniature trees in containers. It’s an ancient Japanese art form that produces superior results only with inordinate patience and regular attention. A friend of ours has over ninety show-quality specimens of different sizes, all graceful, strong and destined for long lives because he is so dedicated to their wellbeing.

Now I’m not saying that entering online sweepstakes with Publishers Clearing House requires THAT much dedication. But my decades of experience with the PCH Prize Patrol clearly indicate that persistence pays off. Yes, there have been many winners who had “beginner’s luck.” (Pam Barton and Barbara Armellino both won $10 Million on their first tries!) But most of our contest winners enter our online sweepstakes on a regular basis – either by entering in response to most every PCH bulletin they receive in the mail or by frequently entering online at or one of our many other websites.

The point is this: If you’d like to win a Big Check worth thousands or millions of dollars, enter every day because you never know which entry could be a winner.

Fortunately for you, our contest rules allow you to enter the Publishers Clearing House online sweepstakes every day online. Some people have adopted the daily routine of entering with their morning coffee or in the evening when they’re signing off for the night. Some consider entering the PCH online sweepstakes a hobby – like bonsai, or quilting, or crossword puzzles.

Whatever you do, don’t delay! Simply click on this link to – and you could be on your way to winning a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House. And be persistent: enter every day because you never know which entry could be a winner!

Good luck.

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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