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Online Music Fans Should Use PCHSearchandWin today!

Being the ex- Music Director of my college radio station, I love keeping tabs on the online music industry. I remember back in 2010, while driving to Manhattan in the passenger’s seat, I noticed The Beatles posing on a stark white billboard. On top of the revolutionary band, next to an Apple logo, I read the simple phrase: “Now on iTunes”.

I quickly took to PCHSearchandWin to investigate and stumbled upon news that kind of boggled my mind. Was Apple finally starting to sell online music from The Beatles? If so, why weren’t The Beatles on iTunes before?

I then used PCHSearchandWin to look for the reason why and I found this cool article, by  Basically, the article summarizes that there were many legal issues between the record company EMI that signed the Beatles and Apple Corp. After years of fighting tooth and nail (I’m exaggerating, but who knows), at last, Apple Corp was able to obtain the rights and begin selling Beatles online music albums as soon as possible.

Even if you may not like or love The Beatles (I actually don’t), the fact is that iTunes is growing into a humungous database that’s as strong a force as The Fab 4. In fact, not only do they sell online music, but TV shows by the episode, and movies, too!

Now that I told you all about online music with the information I found using PCHSearchandWin, I can also remind you to enter to win the SearchandWin prize of the day! With all you now know about iTunes, you’re probably excited to use it, so PCHSearchandWin will give 5 searchers $100 iTunes Gift Cards! Simply use the PCH-infused Search Engine to find any information. If you’re like me, you’d search for online music news, or tour dates for your favorite band. In the end, the PCHSearchandWin winners will have the opportunity to access iTunes; the ultimate “record store!”

Happy searching!

The “Prize” Queen

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