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Winning Moments; How do They Happen?

Winning is invigorating; it’s a moment where you feel like nothing can stop you. And nobody knows what winning is like more than Publishers Clearing House, who offers huge prizes like $5,000 a week for life or $1,000,000.

Although I’ve only won a $25 gift card from Bloomingdales out of a vending machine at one of their special events; it felt amazing. I remember the rush of adrenalin dizzying me as the metal crane came down onto the box, and the way I screeched and hugged my friend after I opened it to reveal the free card. Every time I look into my wallet, I still see that gift card, though. Maybe it’s because I can’t figure out what to spend it on, or maybe because it reminds me of that winning moment. I never want to let that go!

Publishers Clearing House as a whole was built to give people who enter offline and online contests and sweepstakes that glorious winning moment. That’s why the Prize Patrol records each SuperPrize winner’s reaction and posts it on; so others can share that “Winning Moment,” where winners are awarded big money! Once you see the reactions, which range from hysterical to tear-jerking, you may feel closer to winning than ever!

Recreating the special winning moment is also why PCH offers tons of contests and sweepstakes with different prizes. Speaking of winning online sweepstakes, Publishers Clearing House awards people who live in places ranging from the most solitary places to famous urban cities. The range of winners spans so wide, we wish everyone could win at once just to hear America as a whole screech in joy, just like I did when winning that Bloomingdales Gift Card!

You should share one of YOUR winning moments on our Facebook Fan Page, whether it’s from PCH or not, just to spread the feeling.

The “Prize” Queen

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