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Does $1000 Prize Winner Owe Win to Buddhist Chant?

Before he was a $1000 PCHSearchandWin Prize Winner,  Richard R. From Nashua, NH used PCHSearchandWin “most every day” for almost 4 years! After being contacted by the PCH Winner Outreach Program, Richard shared his experience leading up to his winning moment in the following story:

“A few days before I won the PCH Search contest, I told Leslie (my sweetheart girlfriend) that I wished I had some Money to give my son who is having trouble finding work that will allow him to take care of his family. On the morning that I played and won, I called Leslie to the computer and said, “Give me word and bring me luck.” She thought for just a few seconds and said, “sunset.”   I typed it in and the message offering me congratulations popped up.

She replied, “I know why you won.” “Why?” I questioned. She answered, “Because I chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo last night while holding compassion for both you and Randy.  I knew how much you wanted to help him if you only had the money. Unlike me, Leslie practices Buddhist traditions and was convinced that this chant that comes from the title of the Lotus Sutra was instrumental in my win. 

Whether it was the chanting, the meeting of chance and fate, or just the fact that I had played SearchandWin so many times over the years with hope of winning that my determination alone tipped the odds in my favor . . .I did, finally, win a prize, and that was the best surprise of all. I would like to say that I put it toward a trip to an exotic island, but I had many bills to pay and was grateful for the financial help at that time.”

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