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Big Check Speaks Out in Preparation for PCH Prize Award

I’m the Big Check from Publishers Clearing House, watch for me in the upcoming prize award!

Big Check PCH

– I’m the Big Check from Publishers Clearing House, watch for me in the upcoming prize award!

You may not know my name, so let me introduce myself. I’m Lucky Windfall, the PCH Big Check, and you can call me “Lucky” for short. I should be nationally famous; but the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol never gives me a starring role in the TV commercials. So, even though I’ve never before had a speaking part, I’ve finally decided to tell my side of the story.

Sweepstakes entrants say they want to see the Prize Patrol at their door on February 28th; but I think it’s really me they’re looking for. Do you think the SuperPrize winner would swoon over Dave Sayer or Todd Sloane if they arrived empty-handed? No-o-o-o-o.

For years I’ve been playing third banana to Dave and Todd who get all the glory. I have to hide in a brown paper bag and check into the freezing baggage compartment while they’re sipping sodas and talking to flight attendants in the cabin. Then, when we get ready to drive off in the Prize Patrol van, Todd always rides shotgun while Dave drives and I get tossed in the back next to the balloons. (Try having an intelligent conversation with those air heads!) The one time I did make it to the passenger seat first, Todd sat on me by mistake. That was awkward! Plus, I was wrinkled and it ruined my close-up on camera.

These days I’m working out extra hard to get in shape for my upcoming television appearance, since there’s a possibility of the biggest prize award in PCH history. I’ve been stretching a lot to be ready to accommodate the size of a One Million A Year For Life payout. Of course, I must be flexible in case a matching winning number is not returned and we have to go to a second chance drawing for $1,000,000.00. Either way, I’ll be a welcome sight to behold, don’t you think?

Big Check Million A Year For LifeBig Check One Million Dollars

It won’t be much longer now until the winner’s name and the prize award amount are revealed to the public. I may be speaking out now about preparation for the big PCH SuperPrize award, but you won’t get me to spoil the secret ahead of time. With over $220 Million in prizes awarded since the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes began 44 years ago, this Big Check has never spilled the beans too early. You’ll have to wait until they rip the plain brown wrapper off me when we jump out of the Prize Patrol van for the surprise winning moment.

I’m hoping for lots of hugs from our new PCH SuperPrize winner, and I’m hoping for something else on February 28th, too … I hope our newest Prize Patrol member, Danielle Lam, gives me a squeeze as the team runs up to ring the doorbell. Sorry, Dave and Todd, but Danielle’s way cuter.

Do you feel lucky? Do ya? If I see you on February 28th, will you hold me close to your face so we can both get in the close-up shot?


Lucky Windfall

The PCH Big Check

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