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NASA Space Shuttle Retires But the PCH Prize Patrol Is Here to Stay

Unlike NASA’s Discovery Space Shuttle the PCH Prize Patrol isn’t slowing down one bit!

In recent news, it was announced that NASA’s Space Shuttle – Discovery, was set to be retired after its final return from orbit. In the total, the 27 year old space shuttle logged over 150 million miles and 39 total missions. All those years of shuttling extremely valuable payloads to and from the last great frontier have finally come to an end for not only the Discovery but the Endeavour and Atlantis space shuttles.

Instead of storing away the shuttles in a hangar somewhere, NASA has agreed to give the shuttles to the most fitting museum for the small price of $0. However, that $0 only gives the museums the right to own the shuttle; it unfortunately does not include the $28.8 million preparation and delivery fee. That large price tag hasn’t stopped a total of 21 institutions from submitting proposals to display the shuttle in their museums. Luckily, NASA is also requiring that the winning museum make an educational exhibit out of the shuttle where the public can see the shuttle and learn more about its fascinating history.

This historic moment got me thinking about another shuttle of sorts that’s been around for almost as long – the famous PCH Prize Patrol. Only a few years younger than the Discovery Space Shuttle, the PCH Prize Patrol has logged hundreds of thousands of miles delivering highly valuable payloads all across the United States. Fortunately there are no signs of them retiring anytime soon – in fact, the PCH Prize Patrol was out last week to deliver a $1 Million Sweepstakes Prize to Karen Anderson of Bella Vista, Arkansas.

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