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Sweepstakes and Searching the Internet PCH Style

What’s our favorite method of searching the internet and getting opportunities to enter sweepstakes?

Short answer: PCHSearch&Win of course! You can use it for all of your internet needs!

Long answer: Since PCHSearch&Win is based on the traditional search engine; maybe explaining how PCHSearch&Win fits into entering sweepstakes and searching the net will make it clear what PCHSearch&Win should be used for just about everything you need on the internet!

The history of search may have originated with cavemen searching for food and shelter during prehistoric times. Since becoming more complex creatures, humans have started searching for harder things to find: land, love, and dreams of winning big sweepstakes cash – the latter being the inspiration for PCHSearch&Win!

With the advent of the internet came a problem: How are people going to search through the thousands of sites to find the information they need? And should people use this massive, expansive thing to do more than just search? Maybe to enter a sweepstakes?

The answer to the first came with sites like Google, Bing and Ask, which extract specific information from the vast abyss of the internet. The second was answered by Publishers Clearing House with; the huge sweepstakes site that has been eager to giveaway tons of cash prizes for years!

But PCHSearch&Win took it a step further. Backed [or sponsored] by Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes; what’s unique about PCHSearch&Win is that it incorporates both of your most loved functions: searching the internet and entering sweepstakes to win prizes including gift cards and hundreds to millions of dollars!

Publishers Clearing House’s search engine, PCHSearch&Win has been solving both your needs because when you search with it, you are entered to win prizes! However, if you want to enter big sweepstakes prizes, you would have to register BEFORE you search. So remember: Enter to win PCHSearchandWin daily prizes by using it like those other search engines. Register with PCHSearch&Win and search to enter to win bigger prizes! What will you search?

For more info on searching, you can always use PCHSearch&Win to find the info you need. Just look at the site I found using PCHSearch&Win to expand your horizons:

The Prize Queen

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