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PCHcoupons is a great way to save money! Did you know that Publishers Clearing House offers more than sweepstakes opportunities and instant prizes? Well, we do! Simply go to and check out all the great money-saving opportunities on the brands you love.

If you’re like me, you’re well aware of the tough times we live in. Saving money, even more so than usual, is probably what most of us strive for today. PCHcoupons is there to help – we’re a great resource you can use anytime to purchase your favorite brands. You’ll find everything from breakfast cereals, beverages and household cleaners to health care items, pet care products and toys. If you like to cook or are simply looking for some quick and easy dishes to whip up anytime, PCHcoupons recipe section is another resource you can access on the site.

When you go to, enter your zip code to find even more coupons in your area. After you’ve selected your coupons for the brands you like, conveniently print them on your home printer. It’s so easy! And, if you have any questions, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click our HELP section.

PCH likes to share good news and money-saving opportunities and we hope you like to do the same. That’s why we have a share feature on Let’s say you’re reviewing all the coupons and come across an item you know some of your friends like, all you have to do is click the envelope icon to the left of the red “clip” icon and, presto, you’re able to send the coupon to up to 4 of your friends. Now all of you can save, save, save!

Please feel free to use PCHcoupons whenever you want and remember to share them with your friends. While you’re at, you can easily find PCHlotto and PCHSearchandWin on the top of the page. Simply click to visit each one for more great opportunities and chances to win!

Visit now and clip, clip, clip to save, save, save. You can’t beat that!

Happy Savings!

Leslie Jaye


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