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PCH: Money-Saving Driving Tips and Free Gas, Too!

PCH wants you on the road to a really great summer vacation. So, we’ll be prepared to award a brand new Ford Escape Hybrid SUV, plus $2,OOO.OO worth of gas to one lucky winner?! All you have to do to enter is visit the newly redesigned home page now and register. Just the possibility of winning $2,OOO.OO worth of gas is enough to make anyone cheer. Woo Hoo! Okay, the SUV’s not too shabby  either!

So, why jump up and down for free gas? Do I even have to ask? I just paid $4.15 a gallon, and that was after it went DOWN four cents – which got me thinking. Summer’s almost here and many of us will be taking road trips, whether for a week’s vacation or short jaunts. Now more than ever, it’s so important to do all we can to save money. But, that shouldn’t mean we have to completely sacrifice fun, enjoyable trips with family and friends. After all, those are the things memories are made from. So, here is a list of driving tips to save money on fuel while enjoying your summer excursions, or anytime, really. I hope you’ll learn something you didn’t know before…I certainly did!

1. Hotels Offering Free Gas:  Many hotels and bed-and-breakfasts across the country are offering free gas rebates when you book with them. Some give gas gift cards while others have their own filling stations on premises that you can use for free! Want to know who’s offering free fuel — go to PCHSearch&Win at to find out, or search for anything you choose. It works exactly like Google but the added bonus is that you could win prizes instantly simply for searching!

2. Drive 55:  In response to the other oil crisis in the 1970s, the United States government lowered the speed limit to 55 mph because driving slower can boost mileage as much as 5%. Still think you can’t drive 55? You just might want to now.

3. Don’t Stop and Start Abruptly:  These both require extra fuel. So the next time you want to put the pedal to the metal, think how much it’s going to cost you. Oh, and the officer in the next lane just might make it cost you more.

4. Don’t Overfill Your Gas Tank:  When you do this, gas can slosh around and escape. So, make sure your gas cap fits correctly or you risk fuel vaporizing from your tank. And, that’s going to make your money vaporize, too!

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of AC: Today’s air-conditioners are more efficient than years ago – causing less drag on your engine   than driving with open windows. Ah! That’s a relief!

Make sure to leave some of your own fuel-saving tips in the comments section below or visit our Fan page on Facebook. Let us know how the tips above work for you. And, if you like, send us some of your road trip photos – maybe we’ll feature them in a future blog post.

PCH wants you to remember to take us with you while you’re on the road! Simply access on your mobile device — imagine winning an instant cash prize while you’re on the go – it could happen! And, that would pay for more gas! Woo Hoo!

Have a safe trip!

Leslie Jaye

PCH Creative

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