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Join the New PCH Charity Event — The Give Back!

Help us give money to charity in The Give Back charity event! “Like” the PCH Facebook Fan page and vote for your favorite charitable causes.


Help us give money to charity in The Give Back charity event!

Over the years, we’ve asked fans like you what you would do if you won our Online Sweepstakes. We’ve always been so impressed by how many of you have said that if you became one of our Sweepstakes winners, you’d give money to charity. You guys are the best!

I’m happy to say that at PCH, we feel the same way. While there’s nothing we love more than making folks like you Sweepstakes winners, we also love making dreams come true for charities. Did you know that every year, lots of charities receive money thanks to PCH?  In fact, over 40% of the Publishers Clearing House profits go to benefit charitable causes ranging from the arts to social services to the environment.

And this holiday season is no different! The Online Sweepstakes Company that’s all about winning is getting in on the giving! In our new PCH Charity Event, we’re donating $25,000.00 to charity, and we need your help!

It’s called The Give Back. What is it? A charity event that takes place exclusively on our PCH Facebook fan page. How does it work? There are two stages. In stage one (starting today!) we’re asking fans like you to vote for your favorite charity causes. You can vote once a day every day to Fight Disease, Save The Environment, Protect The Animals, Help The Homeless, Develop Communities, Improve Education, Enrich The Arts, Promote Sports, Provide Disaster Relief or Support The Troops. Pretty cool, right?

It gets even better. At the end of two weeks, the top three charity causes with the most votes will move onto stage two. The Give Back Charity Committee will select one charity from each of the top 3 causes. Then, you’ll vote again, this time for the charity that means the most to you. The one with the most votes will receive $25,000.00, and the second and third place ones will receive $2,500.00 each! Isn’t that amazing?

But we can’t give money to charity without the help of our fans like you! All you need to do to vote for your favorite charity causes is “Like” the PCH Facebook fan page. And please, share it with all your Facebook friends, too!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative


P.S. I’ve got even more good news! Every day you vote through The Give Back, you can get an entry to win $5,000.00 cash for yourself! You didn’t think this Online Sweepstakes company would be able to do a charity event without adding to our sweepstakes winners list, did you?



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