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Online Trust and Internet Safety Are Our Promise To You!

Remember your easy internet safety steps: STOP, THINK and CONNECT!



On Cyber Monday, you should know online trust and Internet safety are a high priority for Publishers Clearing House!


Hi folks, it’s me again, wishing you a Happy Cyber Monday! Just wanted to check in and see if you’ve all been doing your part to stay cyber-smart. Remember your easy internet safety steps: STOP, THINK and CONNECT!

I also wanted to update you on what Publishers Clearing House has been doing to stay cyber-safe and cyber-smart. As you know, PCH is committed, 365 days a year, to making sure your information is safe and secure. We follow all cyber security rules and regulations so that you can trust interacting with us. In fact, we’re so committed to online trust that we’re a member of the Online Trust Alliance (OTA)!

The OTA’s goal is to “increase consumer protection, transparency and control of their data, online activities and transactions, thereby enhancing online trust and confidence and the long-term vitality and innovation of internet based services.” Basically, the OTA wants to make sure the internet is as safe and secure as possible for you, so that you can feel safe and secure when using it!


And Publishers Clearing House wants to make sure of that too! In fact, our company demonstrated our commitment to internet safety and cyber security by participating in the OTA’s Online Trust Forum last month. This annual conference brings companies from all around the country together to share, learn and collaborate on important internet safety best practices, training and public policy. We get to educate other businesses on what we’ve learned about internet safety, while learning tips from them, too!


Publishers Clearing House’s involvement with the OTA and participation in the Online Trust Forum is just one example of our commitment to preserving and continually improving online trust. We understand that securing the internet is our shared responsibility and are doing everything we can to make it a safe place for you, your family, your community and your country.  So, when you send in an online entry in the PCH Sweepstakes, or when you shop online at, whether it’s Cyber Monday or any other day, you can rest assured that online trust and internet safety are our promise to you!


Until next time, stay cyber-safe and cyber-smart!


Amanda C.

PCH Creative

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