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Make 6 Days Of Entering at PCH a New Holiday Tradition!

Make PCH a holiday tradition with the 6 Days Of Entering — a new Online Sweepstakes holiday tradition for you and your loved ones!


Try “6 Days Of Entering” — as a new online sweepstakes holiday tradition for you and your loved ones!

The holiday season is all about traditions — making new ones and following through on old ones. My family has too many holiday traditions to count, but one of my all-time favorites is what we call the “12 Days Of Cookies”. As its name suggests, for the 12 Days Of Cookies, we bake cookies for 12 days straight leading up to Christmas day, December 25th. Then, we spend the rest of the year eating them. Mmmm! Now that’s a yummy tradition!

Do you have cherished traditions that you share with your loved ones? I’m sure you do and that, like mine, they’re near and dear to your heart. This holiday season, we at PCH would love for you to make a new one, a PCH holiday tradition, because all of you loyal blog readers are near and dear to our hearts.

It’s called the “6 Days Of Entering”. And as its name suggests, for the 6 Days Of Entering, we’d like you to enter the PCH Online Sweepstakes on 6 of our different sites for the 6 days leading up to Christmas. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to all the exciting PCH sites you may not have known existed! Here’s how we suggest you do it:

Day 1: Today, December 20th

Enter at PCHSearch & Win, the powerful free search engine with a winning twist!

Day 2: December 21st

Enter at PCHgames, the fun zone for free trivia, arcade and word games!

Day 3: December 22nd

Enter at PCHTV, the only place where you can watch footage of PCH Online Sweepstakes winners, then enter to win yourself!

Day 4: December 23rd

Enter at PCHSlots, where you can “spin” to win big money with just one click!

Day 5: Christmas Eve, December 24th

Enter at PCHLotto, the number one spot for free lotto-style games with prize drawings every night!

Day 6: Christmas Day, December 25th

Enter at, the ultimate free Online Sweepstakes source for everything PCH!

Or better yet, give yourself more chances to win by entering on all 6 sites on all 6 days!

So what do you think? Will you make the 6 Days Of Entering your new holiday tradition? We sure hope so. Because the best part of this new tradition is that it could lead to you celebrating with a big Online Sweepstakes prize in the new year! Now wouldn’t that be merry?

Wishing you Happy Holidays from our house to yours…

Amanda C.

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