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TV Awards Shows Have Nothing On Publishers Clearing House Awards!

Dear PCH Friends,

The holidays have come and gone. A brand new year has begun!  Do you know what that means? TV Awards Show Season is here!

There’s something so exciting about the grand, star-studded award celebrations! But I think a Publishers Clearing House Prize Award is even more thrilling … and here’s why:

Surprises!  With so many predictions about awards show winners, there’s rarely a true surprise. Not so of a Publishers Clearing House Prize award. Think about it: one lucky winner, whose Prize number was randomly selected and who could reside anywhere in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico. What an incredible surprise for a winner!

Interviews! While red carpet interviews can be fascinating (and revealing), interviews with Publishers Clearing House winners can be extremely heartwarming, fun and even a little zany! I mean, when you award an unsuspecting person with a Big Fortune … anything could happen!

Dresses! Ok, maybe award shows have Publishers Clearing House awards beat on this one! I mean, I don’t think the Prize Patrol has ever awarded a prize to someone wearing a Chanel Dress and Harry Winston Jewels. But, isn’t that the point? The Prize Patrol making Big Winners out of regular folks like you and me? (Well not like me because I work here…) In fact, the daughter of a Big Winner once came to the door in a towel … hard to top that for drama!

The Red Carpet!  Last time I checked, the Prize Patrol doesn’t actually roll out a red carpet for their winners when they surprise them at their homes. But one thing’s for sure, the Prize Patrol gives their winners the “red carpet treatment!” From lavishing them with champagne, red roses, balloons and the “Big Check” to snapping lots of photos. Yes, if you become a Big Publishers Clearing House Winner, you’ll be treated like a celebrity!

Cameras Rolling!
 The cameras are rolling when the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol awards a Big Prize! And with good reason! All of America wants to share every smile, every shriek of joy and even every tear! To see some past “Winning Moments” visit!

So, while you’re enjoying the awards shows this season, remember that there will be a Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize(R) award on February 29th. Someone could even win $1 Million Every Year For Life, how’s that for excitement? Make sure you’re in the running, enter today!

Best Wishes and Good Luck,

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

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