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What Other Goodies Would You Want the Prize Patrol to Bring?

Besides a big check, what goodies could the Prize Patrol bring to make you feel like a winner?

For years, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol has been bringing 3 things with them when they surprise Sweepstakes winners with the big check: a dozen red roses, a handful of balloons, and a bottle of champagne. You might think that after receiving a really big prize, our winners wouldn’t care about getting these “extras”. But they do, they really do! I mean who doesn’t love getting showered with goodies?

Well we just love to do the showering, and with the February 29th SuperPrize fast approaching, I’ve been trying to think: what other goodies could the Prize Patrol bring to make our Sweepstakes winners feel even more special? And I’m stumped. Blog readers, can you help me out? Other than the big check, what goodies would get YOU really excited?

Here are some of my ideas. A cake! Mmmmm…I know it’s MY favorite way to celebrate! Or how about a different kind of flower? Roses sure are pretty, but I’ve always been a sucker for sunflowers!

Or how about something that would last longer, like a framed picture of your winning moment with the Prize Patrol! Maybe I’m thinking too small. You know what would be really cool? A really big sign to display outside your house telling all your neighbors you’ve joined Publishers Clearing House’s long list of big prize Sweepstakes winners!

What do you think blog readers? Do you like my ideas for goodies or do you have better ones of your own? Please share! And please, please, please enter! As you know, the only way the Prize Patrol can show up at your door with a big check is by entering. You can do it right now at And the timing couldn’t be better because as I said, our really big prize$1,000,000.00 EVERY YEAR FOR LIFE — is scheduled to be awarded on February 29th!

So go ahead, enter today! And in just days, the Prize Patrol could show up at your house with a big check – and maybe your favorite goodies too!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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  1. How about some root beer floats and some carne
    asada boritoes or taccoes with sour cream ànd guacamole. Pizza hutt Jack in the box , I’m not pickey ,just NO ,Lima beans or liver.

  2. My favorite goodies would be meeting you all and having some Baskin and Robbins or jack in the box with chocolate shakes or how about cheesecake from the cheese factory, cracker barrel ,or how about a keg party! With live mud resteling and how about real fireworks with report!!!!!!! Booooom ! Happy belated forth of July that would make me and alot of others truly free just saying I told you it was possible never quit!