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Lucky The Big Check Speaks Out About His Fresh New Look!

“Check Me Out” says Lucky, the PCH Big Check — “I’ve got a fresh new look!”

Well, well, well. It’s about time. All everyone’s been talking about is Dave this. Todd that. Danielle this. Jason Clark that. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Prize Patrol, and I love every SuperPrize winner, but what about me? What about yours truly — Lucky Windfall — the nationally famous Big Check from Publishers Clearing House?

All year long everyone’s begging to see ME at their doorstep, begging to have their name written across my chest. But then I go and get a fresh new look and not one of you even notices. Geesh! What’s a guy gotta do to get noticed around here?

What? You didn’t notice? I knew Dave and Todd were the ones in the spotlight. OK now that they’re out of the picture, get a good look at me. C’mon already, CHECK ME OUT!

So what do you think of my fresh new look? Do you like my facelift? My new gold embossed seal that displays the awesome PCH logo? The old seal was too old-fashioned with its certificate border for young me! How about my new modern Publishers Clearing House rounded header? The old one made me look a million years old. Now I look like A MILLION BUCKS!

How about the SuperPrize amount that’s so nicely typed, not written, across my Big Check belly? Check me out guys, no more magic marker! I told Michael Carrozzo I don’t care how great his penmanship is…every time he comes at me with that magic marker it tickles like crazy!

You know…there was one person who immediately noticed my fresh new look…Danielle Lam! Don’t look so surprised. As if I weren’t already dashing, I look years younger now, and Danielle couldn’t help but notice and check me out. She didn’t want to let go of me on February 29th…that is until Jason Clark grabbed me. Please folks, let’s not fight. There’s enough of Lucky to go around!

Okay I’m off for a photo shoot, but before I go, I was hoping you fans could help me with something. Now that the big February 29th award is finished, I’ve been feeling a bit…er, this is kind of embarrassing…naked…without a new SuperPrize winner’s name across my chest. I know it’s not quite time to write in a new one yet, but tell me… whose name would YOU like to see on this handsome Big Check next?

Lucky Windfall
The PCH Big Check

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