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Online Sweepstakes Winner Shows Real Southern Hospitality!

Last week, Danielle Lam and I flew to Louisiana to award a $5,000 Online Sweepstakes prize! The winner, Wayne Savoy, lived in a small town between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It was a thrill to be down south… where we got to experience some southern heat and some genuine southern hospitality during our winning moment!

One of the best things about this Prize Patrol trip was the sense of community we felt in Sorrento. While preparing to surprise Wayne, we parked a few blocks away.  Because it was such a small street, our large Prize Patrol van blocked most of the road. Soon enough, a town cop car was driving towards us. Thinking a neighbor must have phoned the cops about our obstruction, I approached the car intending to apologize. But the police officer was simply curious and even wanted to get in on the fun!


As usual, our Online Sweepstakes winner was not at home when we arrived. But Wayne’s family was there – his wife, children, mother-in-law, nieces, nephews, and neighbors — and they were all excited to find the Prize Patrol on their front steps. They couldn’t believe their eyes – “I didn’t think it was real!” Well there we were in the flesh, making believers out of all of them!

Wayne was at work – but fortunately, he works for his father-in-law’s towing company located RIGHT next door. And as soon as we saw his truck return home, we made our move. Wayne’s extended family gathered on the lawn behind us as we knocked on the front door. It was so great to have a whole group of loved ones taking part in Wayne’s winning moment. Cheers, hoots, and hollers erupted as we handed over both the Big Check and the real check for $5,000.

Danielle and I would both like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to Wayne’s family and friends for being so generous to us! There’s nothing better than celebrating a winner’s good fortune with loved ones. Everyone was in on the surprise and loved seeing one of their own come into something good. Plus, Wayne and his family made sure they were taking care of us as well – offering drinks to keep us cool in the Louisiana heat (long sleeves and blazers are not the best warm weather outfit choice!), giving us restaurant tips, and even bringing us to see a local sight – alligators! Now that’s what I call southern hospitality!

How would YOU welcome the Prize Patrol into your town?

Laura @ PCH

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