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Throwback Thursday: PCH Prize Patrol Funny Bloopers!

Prize Patrol deliveries always seem to go smoothly, right? Sure, sometimes the winner isn’t home so the Prize Patrol has to hunt them down at their job…or wait hours until they get home. But other than that, absolutely everything goes right…right?


Of course, the Prize Patrol ALWAYS does WHATEVER it takes to deliver Big Checks to our happy winners …but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some bumps along the way. FUNNY bumps, I might add!

Yes, I’m talking about BLOOPERS!!! Believe it or not, the PCH Prize Patrol happens to have VERY FUNNY BLOOPERS!

So for this Throwback Thursday, I’ve decided to share one of our FAVORITE FUNNY BLOOPERS OF ALL TIME!

Let me set this one up for you. It all happened this past June. Danielle Lam and Laura flew down South to Louisiana to award a $5,000.00 Online Sweepstakes prize to Wayne Savoy. After Wayne’s happy winning moment filled with cheers, hoots and hollers, Wayne and his family showed the Prize Patrol true southern hospitality and brought them to see a local sight in Sorrento — the alligators! You can see pictures here on Laura’s blog.

But what you didn’t see was the blooper that happened along the way. When they were on the way to see the alligators in the Prize Patrol van, all of a sudden they heard a huge thump. What could it be??? Watch the blooper video below to find out:


HAHAHA! Can you believe it??? The Prize Patrol van sign actually fell off the van while they were on the highway!!!! Always a trooper, you can see that Danielle ran to try to save it, but the sign was toast!

See fans, the PCH Prize Patrol really does have the best bloopers ever! Don’t you agree? Would you like to see more Prize Patrol bloopers in future Throwback Thursday blogs? Comment below and let me know!

Amanda C.

PCH Creative


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