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Hi Everyone!

Have you been tweeting lately? Because PCH has! Twitter is a great way for PCH fans to interact with us. By following Publishers Clearing House on Twitter, you are able to stay on top of the latest and greatest news from our company. For those of you who do not know what Twitter is, it is a social networking website that allows users to submit and read posts known as tweets. It is another social media website where users are able to stay up-to-date with everything going on with their friends and the world.

Publishers Clearing House has a few different Twitter pages: the main PCH page (@pchdotcom), PCHSearchandWin (@PCHSearchandWin), PCH Lotto (@PCHLotto), PCH Games (@pchgames), and my personal favorite, the PCH Danielle Lam page (@PCHDanielle)!


I LOVE reading PCH’s Twitter Pages because there is always something new going on! PCH tweets exciting entry opportunities, last chance reminders to enter sweepstakes, real time updates from the road during prize awards and MUCH more!!

Twitter is also interactive. Just how you can “LIKE” a post on Facebook, users on Twitter can “Favorite” a tweet by clicking the star button. Also, if users want to share a tweet with their friends and family, they can “Retweet” by clicking the arrow symbol. But, one of the main attractions on Twitter is that users can include “hashtags” in their tweets. A hashtag is a word or a phrase that is used in a tweet in order to contribute to a trending topic on Twitter. Users can create a hashtag by adding a “#” sign in front of the word or phrase.

For example, to contribute to trending topics on Twitter about PCH, you can tweet #prizepatrol. Then, when you click on that hashtag, thousands of tweets from people around the world will pop up talking about the Prize Patrol as well!


Not only can you learn about everything that is happening at Publishers Clearing House, but on my Twitter page, I even post behind-the-scenes videos when the Prize Patrol is on the road! The videos include funny bloopers, as well as clues as to where we are heading to deliver the prize.

So be sure to follow Publishers Clearing House on Twitter to keep up-to-date with ALL of the fun things happening here at PCH! If you aren’t on Twitter…give it a shot…it’s FUN!

Happy Tweeting everyone!


Danielle Lam
PCH Prize Patrol Elite

P.S What is YOUR favorite way to interact with PCH?? Comment below!


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