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Last week, the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol spread some Pre-Christmas cheer
to Theresa Crowder, a PCH winner in Alabama!

PCH Winner in Alabama

There’s nothing like a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House thirteen days before Christmas to get holiday spirits soaring high.  Just ask Theresa Crowder of Gadsden, Alabama – whom we had the pleasure of meeting on December 12.

The PCH Prize Patrol pulled up to Theresa’s home at 9:30 AM and found absolutely no sign of life.  The window blinds were closed and there was no car to be seen.  A neighbor told us the Crowders were at work – she knew not where — but they’d probably return in late afternoon.  But we couldn’t wait!  We were ready NOW – with roses and balloons that we didn’t want to wilt.  Plus joining us were reporters from the Gadsden Times and Birmingham’s Fox Channel 6 who wanted to file their stories ASAP.

Prize Patrol spreads Pre-Christmas Cheer

Luckily it turned out that someone at the local media knew where Theresa worked; so off we sped hoping we’d find her before she took off for lunch.  Well, we were successful!  We pulled off a great surprise – not only for our winner, but for a dozen excited office workers who screamed and applauded when we presented Theresa with a Big Check for $25,000.00.  You can read all about it by reading this story from the Gadsden Times.

Two days later Theresa was “still in excitement mood.”  She says “My family and I will never forget December 12, 2013 — truly an amazing day!”  Friends now realize that the “winning moments” they see on TV are “really real” and are glad to “know someone who actually won!”

Speaking for the Prize Patrol I can say that it looks like this PCH award made believers out of a lot of people in this part of Alabama.

Of course Theresa has been a believer for a long time.  She says “We thank God for sending us this blessing and we truly thank the Lord for PCH.”

Thank you Theresa, and CONGRATULATIONS!

Now you blog readers:  Here’s hoping you believe that real people can really win Big Checks from Publishers Clearing House.  Keep the faith, enter today — and every day — at, and you could become a PCH winner too!

Wishing you all the best,

Dave Sayer

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Are you a believer like Theresa was? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. That was really really cool really nice catching that lady at work just before Christmas. Lord I’ll just about teared up, awesome! You guys are great!