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Florida winner gets surprise of his life from Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol

Floriday Winner

December brought some wintry weather to much of the U.S. even before the official start of winter.  Normally mild regions suffered snow, ice and frigid temperatures. But Florida stayed remarkably warm, and warm describes the welcome the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol received on December 18 when we surprised Bernard Charles of West Palm Beach with a Big Check for $25,000.00.

Were we surprised by the warmth?  No sir.  Our experience shows that even if the weather is cold and stormy, conditions improve dramatically when the Prize Patrol arrives: Clouds disappear, the sun begins to shine, and a day that started off kind of hum-drum becomes a memorable lifetime event.

Now it’s true that it can take several seconds for winners to realize that a “winning moment” — as seen on TV — is actually happening to them.  But then they smell the roses and see the balloons, cameras, Prize Patrol blazers and Big Check, and they know this is “the real thing.”

Bernard Charles entered the PCH Sweepstakes religiously but was not prepared to win.  He didn’t inform Publishers Clearing House that he had moved from the address on his winning sweepstakes entry, so when we rang that doorbell there was no answer.  Neighbors at the apartment complex were unable to help us locate him.

Prize Patrol Florida Winner

But we always find our winner! After hours of persistence we were able to report to PCH headquarters “Mission accomplished.”  The “winning moment” didn’t occur at Bernard’s new residence or workplace but in a parking lot outside a restaurant!

“Wow” was Bernard’s first reaction; then a louder “Wow!” and then a huge “WOW!” “That’s a lot of money!” he said, indicating he’d have to work a long time to get a paycheck rivalling the Big Check he now held in his hands.  We retired to the restaurant for some refreshment and came to know Bernard as a hard-working nice guy who came to the U. S. from Haiti as a teenager.  He plans to carefully invest his prize money for the future.

Even if it’s chilly outside we hope that this story makes you feel warm all over – kind of like the warmth you could feel when you experience a PCH “winning moment.”

If this sounds pretty cool to you, enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes today – and every day — at, and you could become a winner too!

Wishing you all the best in 2014.

Dave Sayer

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador

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