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Dave Sayer and PCH Winner

I know that our blogs are written for the enjoyment of our readers, not PCHers; but reading Matt K.’s recent ones about “PCH Celebrates Over 75 Millionaires and Counting!” and “Think “No One From My State Ever Wins?” Yes They Do!” gave me a tremendous thrill.  Why?  Because with the exception of four of those 75 millionaires whom I could not meet in person, I’ve met them all!  Wow!  And when I think of them and add in the hundreds of other Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes winners I have met, I realize: those prizes amount to almost a quarter of a billion dollars!

While that dollar total is awesome, the best part – by far — has been meeting so many wonderful people and being present for so many life-changing “winning moments.”

I remember something special about every “winning moment.”  Maybe it was something almost sacred — like when a winner released the bouquet of balloons to her daughter in heaven, or inspiring — like when a cafeteria full of students cheered a beloved teacher who won.  Or thrilling — like when we surprised an on-duty nurse at a hospital, a busy priest at his rectory, and a young woman holding down three jobs.  I recall shocking winners in places as far-flung as the Mojave Desert, the Appalachian Trail, Hawaii’s Maui, Colorado’s Rockies, Louisiana’s bayous, Maryland’s eastern shore, Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula and the Bronx. (I’ve visited 48 of our 50 states.)  I remember raising the excitement level at several Super Bowl parties and experiencing goose-bumps as we saw our Big Checks prevent bankruptcy.  We’ve visited winners of all ages — in houses, apartments, trailers, offices, schools and hospitals.  We even surprised a woman at 36,000 feet on a transcontinental jet.  I could recount hundreds of stories.

Dave Sayer and Winner

You may be thinking, “But you don’t know my story – what winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes would mean to me.”

You’re right.  Every story is unique.

I would love to be able to include everyone’s story in our memory bank – enhanced of course by the “winning moment” video we would capture as the PCH Prize Patrol arrives – with roses, balloons, champagne and (tah dah!) a Big Check.

Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes – today and every day – and that dream of being set-for-life could come true for you.

Wishing you the best of luck.



Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

P.S. Have you checked out the new PCHlotto yet? Well on today’s Play&Win blog Laurel is revealing what the Prize Patrol loves BEST about the new site! You can’t miss it!


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