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PCH Prize Patrol Makes Dreams Come True On Hallmark’s Home & Family

Hi blog readers!

It’s me, again! Today I wanted to tell you all about how the PCH Prize Patrol teamed up with the Hallmark Channel show Home & Family to award five lucky winners with $5,000 each! That’s right, we had exciting winning moments EVERY day of the week – AND we even got to be featured on the show for a nearly 10-minute on-air interview! It was SO nice being able to make our winners dreams come true – and our 5 “Big Check” winners really illustrated how different our winners can be!

First up was Lavondria Fallie from Charlotte, North Carolina. Lavondria was SO thankful for this PCH cash surprise. She is wheelchair-bound after a car accident and didn’t have the means to buy Christmas presents for her family this year…until now!


Next was Brenda Johlin from Oregon, Ohio who was THRILLED to have some happy news after just finding out her daughter was diagnosed with Melanoma.


The next PCH winning moment was a rare one where we actually weren’t able to find the winner in Milledgeville, Georgia! But of course, our winners always still get their prizes. And when Lawrence Smith arrived home later in the day, he found a HUGE surprise on his doorstep and sent us a photo.


Our next winner took us to Lake Charles, Louisiana. The Prize Patrol found Mike Saxby at work to surprise him with the “Big Check!”


Last, but certainly not least, was Lania Bettin from Santa Monica, California. It was hard work tracking her down, but eventually we were able to find her!  Since she lived near where Home & Family filmed, she even got to go ON the show with the Prize Patrol to talk about her big win!  Check out this great footage with Lania that includes a 10-minute interview with the Prize Patrol!


So what did you think of this exciting partnership between PCH and Hallmark’s Home & Family? Did you enjoy seeing the Prize Patrol on the show? How about those winners – weren’t they GREAT?! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say, so please comment below!

And be sure to let me know if YOU’D want to win next!

Good luck everyone 🙂


Danielle Lam

PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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