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Meet Mark Johnson, Our Newest SuperPrize Winner

April 30th SuperPrize Winner PCH

On the evening before our April 30th Million Dollar SuperPrize award, Mark Johnson was chatting with family and friends about his almost-daily entries in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. “You may laugh” he told them, “but I’m gonna win someday!”

Well, that “someday” turned into the very next day!

At 11:30 AM on April 30th the Prize Patrol arrived at Mark’s house in tiny Dolgeville, New York to find only his wife Cindy at home.  She had a day off from her job at a local distribution center and was doing some spring cleaning.

“We’re looking for Mark,” we announced as we stood in the driveway with roses, balloons, champagne, video cameras and The Big Check for our newest SuperPrize winner. “He’s at work” [as a truck driver] she told us, but happily agreed to summon him home to fix some fictional “household complication.”  When Mark received Cindy’s urgent call he interrupted a delivery and barreled on home in record time.  We had stationed ourselves out of sight nearby and got a quick voice mail from Cindy telling us our presentation could proceed immediately.

And so it did.  Mark was just trying to figure out what Cindy’s “household complication” was all about when he saw the Prize Patrol van drive in and all of us jump out.  He greeted us with a ‘What the *!*!*” reaction, but knew within seconds that his persistence in entering the PCH Sweepstakes had paid off.  Click on the links below to enjoy the heartwarming “winning moment” as reported by WUTR-TV’s Eyewitness News and

PCH April 30th SuperPrize Winner

WUTR-TV’s Eyewitness News

Mark has faced serious medical and financial challenges recently, so this SuperPrize could not be more welcome.  Cindy thinks it would be great for Mark to retire; but being a hard worker all his life he has other ideas.  The Johnsons have a son and a daughter, four grandsons (including one in college) and one granddaughter.  All live in and work in New York’s Mohawk Valley, an area which has suffered a decline in industry and economic health over the years.

Surprised PCH SuperPrize Winner

In a follow-up phone call with the Johnsons two days later, they say that their family and friends are very excited and happy for them.  Yes, there have been lots of phone calls, but things are getting back to normal.  The most unusual thing?  Driving back from a visit to Cindy’s mother they stopped and bought Mark a new truck, a purchase that would never have happened just 48 hours earlier.

Congratulations Mark!  And to the rest of you, follow Mark’s advice: Enter every chance you get and you could become a SuperPrize winner too.  Good luck!

Mark Johnson PCH SuperPrize Winner

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador

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