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Surprise for A Texas Winner– and for a Prize Patrol’er

An ordinary day turned extraordinary on April 29 when the PCH Prize Patrol showed up at the Sherman, Texas home of Debbie Riley — with roses, balloons, champagne and a Big Check — for $10,000.00!

Texas Winner Debbie Riley

When we arrived Debbie was having a morning cup of coffee, preparing to tackle the work-heavy schedule of goat ranching – which she and her husband Steve have done for years on the flatlands near the Oklahoma border.  The Rileys specialize in breeding, selling and exhibiting Boer goats.  The walls of their double-wide home are covered with plaques and photos showing the prizes and blue ribbons that the best of their offspring have earned.

Texas Winner Goat Rancher

Not satisfied with prizes only for the goats, Debbie has faithfully entered the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for a long time, always hoping but never really expecting to win a Big Check.  So our visit was an overwhelming surprise for her – and also for Steve who thought she was wasting her time entering our sweepstakes.  Well, he was wrong, and Debbie is one happy, grateful winner!

You can see what the local media had to say about Debbie’s good fortune by reading these new reports:

Herald Democrat

Now on a personal note: When Steve saw the Prize Patrol approaching he was in the middle of watching a frequent occurrence on the ranch: a mama goat giving birth.  He didn’t want to miss the “winning moment,” so to speed things up he “pulled one of the kids out.”   I saw the two newborns twenty minutes later already walking, and I marveled at Mother Nature.  One of the joys of being on Prize Patrol is that a “city slicker” like me can have a first time experience that is as thrilling as the “winning moment” is for the winner.

Texas Winner Goats

So, both Debbie and I can say “Thanks Publishers Clearing House!”

Dave Sayer
PCH Prize Patrol Ambassador
P.S. You can be lucky like Debbie. Enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes at, and the next winner we surprise with a Big Check could be YOU!

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