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Are You A News Junkie? Check Out The NEW PCHFrontpage!


Hello, everyone! Are you a news junkie who loves winning opportunities at PCH? If you answered yes, then PCHFrontpage is just the thing for you! And now PCHFrontpage is new, improved and better than ever.

With categories like News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports and Business, PCHFrontpage still has lots of news for the news junkie to devour. Plus, the Top News Feature Area on the homepage helps you keep track of the headlines that everyone’s talking about.

Yes, PCHFrontpage is still chock full of news, trends, current events and more. What’s new at PCHFrontpage is access to even more winning opportunities, because PCHFrontpage is a Publishers Clearing House site, after all! Make sure you’re logged in to claim them all.

With a Winner Every Hour at PCHFrontpage you could win just for visiting the site! Plus, you’ll get an entry for an incredible PCH SuperPrize with your first search of the day. Keep searching for more chances to win instantly. I’m sure you’re searching the web every day, so why not search at the PCH news site that could make you a winner?


$5,000 Bonus Games at PCH Frontpage

And that’s not all – after you search, go on to enjoy four articles to reach #5 and unlock bonus games right on the PCHFrontpage site.

500 Tokens Claim

After you enjoy each article, you’ll see the “Claim Tokens” icon. Click it to claim Bonus Tokens, up to 500! As you continue to enjoy articles, continue to claim your bonus tokens.

Play Now

Once you’ve enjoyed four articles, click the “Play Now” button to unlock FIVE exclusive Scratch Card games. Play every day for an opportunity to win up to $5,000 in instant cash or score more tokens!


$5000 Bank Breaker
$5000 Cash On The Line
Cash Stack Supreme
Red Hot Riches
Wild Wild Winnings

When’s the last time you had so much fun just reading the news? I guess you could say that reading the news and playing at PCHFrontpage could really “pay!” Do yourself a favor and make PCHFrontpage a part of your daily routine.

Happy reading!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. If you love reading and playing games at PCHFrontpage, don’t you want to make it your homepage for even easier access? Do it now and you’ll score an additional 5,000 Bonus token windfall!

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