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43 Brand New Winners From The PCH Token Exchange!

Greetings PCH Fans!

It’s finally summer! Time for warm weather, beach days, vacations and more! Time to kick back, relax and enjoy the world around you! Do you know what would make summertime even more special? Well, how about the chance to WIN BIG? Here at PCH we LOVE nothing more than making our loyal fans BIG WINNERS!

I am so excited to announce that we have 43 brand new winners from the month of June from the PCH Token Exchange!

Token Exchange Winners

So how did these lucky fans become winners? That’s easy! They racked up tokens playing our amazing games and exchanged them for the chance to win even more amazing prizes in the PCH Token Exchange! And amazing they were – everything from gift cards to kitchen appliances, tote bags and more! I have to admit, readers — the selection of prizes available is pretty unbeatable!

So, do you want to start earing tokens just like our winners below? If you haven’t already gotten started, what are you waiting for? It’s so quick and easy to sign up and start playing the fantastic token games on or!

Do you want YOUR name added to our winners list next month? Well then run, (don’t walk!) over to your phone, tablet or desktop and log in (or register if you are a first time user) and start collecting tokens RIGHT NOW! Then be sure to redeem your tokens for the chance to win any of the spectacular prizes available in the Token Exchange!

Good Luck To All!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

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