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Need Money Today? Win Instant Cash Online At PCH!

Need money today? You could win instantly with Publishers Clearing House online. While we at PCH might be best-known for our Millionaire-Making SuperPrizes, we also award lots of prizes online to lucky winners every single day, many of them instant cash!

That’s right! At Publishers Clearing House, making winners is what we do best, so it should be no surprise that we award exciting instant prizes every single day, all day long!

PCH Winners


FACT: There are 300 winners across our family of sites, every single day.
FACT: There’s a Winner Every 5 Minutes at Publishers Clearing House.
FACT: There have been 5,700,000 PCH winners through the years!

So, friends, if you need money today, why not try your shot at winning at some of our PCH sites: – After you enter for the BIG SuperPrize, keep going to unlock the big $10,000 and $20,000 instant win bonus games. Along the way, you’ll play for even more prizes that could win you a fortune, and get lots of scratch-off opportunities, like Kitchen Cashout, Backyard Bliss, Dining Room Dollars and others. Then check out the Instant Win tab where you can win cash on the spot by playing fun, old-school games like $1,000 Ring Toss and $1,000 Ping Pong Payout. Plus, make sure you play all the instant-win scratch-offs on the Scratch-Offs tab. And after that, check out the Slots tab where you could win over $10,000 instantly!

Win Instantly With PCH Scratch Cards

PCHSearch&Win – This great Search Engine features new instant prizes (like gift cards and cash) that can be won every single day. For your chance to win instantly, make sure you’re signed in and then search the web. If you win instantly, you will receive an alert message flash across your screen right away.

PCHFrontpage – Once you complete your daily mission (do at least one search and enjoy four videos or articles), you’ll get access to 5 exciting instant-win scratch cards like $5,000 Bank Breaker, $5,000 Cash On The Line and more!

Need Money Today Try PCHFrontpage BankBreaker!

PCHlotto —You love playing your numbers at PCHlotto, but this free lotto site from PCH also brings you great instant-win scatch cards like $2,500 Money Bag Madness, and more!

PCHgames Going for instant cash’s a blast! Play Sunken Treasures for a $250 instant-win opportunity; Mah Jongg Moolah for a $500 instant win opportunity and Riverboat Poker for a $1,000 instant win opportunity.

If you need money today, I hope you can see, there are so many ways to win money right away with PCH online! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments section below.

All the best,

Elaina R.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you liked the online games mentioned above, and want to know more about the vast array of games here at Publishers Clearing House, why not try the Play&Win blog?

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