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Behind The Scenes At PCH: Meet Susan Williamson

Hello, PCH friends! Fans like you are probably well aware of the iconic status the PCH Sweepstakes has achieved in popular culture. After all, we’re making dreams come true one SuperPrize at a time. As you might imagine, a HUGE amount of work goes into our promotions behind the scenes. So, today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Susan Williamson, Assistant Vice President of Winning Experiences here at PCH. Susan’s team is responsible for making our life-changing sweepstakes happen. Under her leadership, the winning experiences here at Publishers Clearing House are bigger and better than ever!

Meet PCH's Susan Williamson

Susan joined Publishers Clearing House right after graduating college and is celebrating 27 years with the company this month. Over the years, she has contributed to PCH in a variety of ways, Says Susan, Ive been lucky to have had the opportunity to work in so many different departments within PCH — from Marketing to Creative, Inventory Planning to the Photo Studio and even going on Prize Patrol awards! PCH is truly a great place to work. Collaborating with so many different teams over the years has given me a well-rounded view of the PCH business and has prepared me to now lead the Department of Winning Experiences.”

While our sweepstakes are the stuff dreams are made of, running the Department of Winning Experiences is serious business. Explains Susan, The most important function of the Winning Experiences department is to protect the integrity of the PCH contests.  The team makes sure that all contests are run fairly and that ALL prizes are awarded to the winners in a timely and efficient manner. And they do, every single day, even though it’s no easy task. With thousands of contests being run and awarding millions of dollars’ worth of prizes each year, there’s always a lot to do, exclaims Susan.

As you might expect, Susan’s favorite part of her job is making people winners! Susan and her team are always working closely with the Creative and Marketing departments to collaborate on new and exciting contest opportunities. Stay tuned, because they’re always looking for ways to make our PCH friends happy!

I hope you enjoyed a peek behind the scenes with Susan Williamson of PCH. Susan has a message for PCH fans, like you. ”Weve awarded over 370,000 prizes so far in 2016 and we’re only in June. If you haven’t won yet, dont worry, there are still a lot more prizes to be awarded.

So keep entering, and never give up!

All the best,

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. I Don’t know what the Future holds… But I think it’s awesome when Folk’s like these change ordinary people’s lives…PCH…What an amazing Organization.