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Win BIG in weeks with our PCH SPECIAL EARLY LOOK!

We’re closing in on making another winner happy and rich with our Publishers Clearing House SPECIAL EARLY LOOK Prize Event!

We’ve got a truly spectacular prize all lined up and approved for June 30 – and soon, we’ll be taking our Special Early Look to see if there is a matching winning number.  If there is, someone will receive $2 Million at once and then $1O,OOO a Month for Life, plus a brand new Lincoln MKZ ($36,115 Value).

And guess what? Thanks to our PCH Special Early Look event, even if there is no matching winning number, someone will definitely win ONE MILLION DOLLARS in a second chance drawing. (Not like in some state lotteries, where NO prize awarded if no one has the winning number.)

Our Special Early Look second chance prizes of $1,000,000 have made quite a few dreams come true. It’s given folks the chance to finance new homes, pay off serious debt, buy new cars, start businesses and help their loved ones.

For instance, our recent Million Dollar Winner, Jane Bjork, had really been struggling trying to make ends meet.  Take a look at her moving story about what winning this big Publishers Clearing House prize has meant to her.

Special Early Look Winner

Remember … our big June 30th Prize Event will be here before you know it, so be sure to enter every day and every way you can.

You could win our stupendous $2 Million + $10,000 A  Month For Life + New Lincoln MKZ prize.  You could win a cool Million Dollars.  But know this for sure: with our PCH Special Early Look, Someone Will Definitely Win Big on June 30th.

For over 60 years, making LOTS of people win BIG PRIZES has been our pride and passion here at PCH. Will you soon become our next winner?  Make it happen – and enter right now! 


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