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Want To See The PCH Prize Patrol? The Countdown Is ON!

Prize Day is almost here!  What will you do while you wait…?
Prize Day is almost here! What will you do while you wait…?

Hey Blog Readers,

With October 21st just 7 days away, the PCH Prize Patrol is already packing their bags and getting ready to meet our newest SuperPrize Winner!

The clock is ticking for them folks – and possibly for YOU – with a life-changing fortune waiting in the balance.

So, I’ve got TWO questions for you…

Question #1)  Do you want to see the Prize Patrol with a Big Check on October 21st?

Send a shout out to them in the comments section below!

Question #2)  Do YOU want to win big while you WAIT for Prize Day?

If the answer is YES, I’ve got a special COUNTDOWN TO PRIZE DAY PLAN you don’t want to miss that’s packed with insider tips and ways to keep you going for a big win all week long — check it out:

7 DAYS ’Til Prize Day:

Unlock BOTH Instant Win Bonus Games on and play the PCH app for Android or iPhone.

Insider tip – Lots of people hold on to their Tokens, or forget to redeem them, but they could win big prizes for you in the PCHRewards Token Exchange

6 DAYS ’Til Prize Day:

Play the Slots Tournament at PCHslots!  Spin! Spin! Spin! For your shot to win MULTIPLE CASH PRIZES!  Plus, get 5X Tokens after 7 games!

Insider tip – Any slot play will get you a shot at $1,000,000.00 and EVERY 7 Plays unlocks the $500.00 Wheel of Winning! That means you could go for an Instant Win all day long!

 5 DAYS ’Til Prize Day:

Spend some time playing at PCHgames where you get a shot to win $1,000,000.00 with your first game play AND can unlock the $500.00 Instant Win Briefcase Bonus.

Insider tip – Get the PCHPlay&Win App for Android or iPhone for even more games and ways to score Tokens -PLUS- another leaderboard you can win on!

4 DAYS ’Til Prize Day:

Play PCHblackjack  to go for big Tournament prizes, 3X Tokens and a shot to Win $1,000.00 with the PCH Flip N’ Win game!

Insider tip – Play all day to beat your high score – and maximize your chances of taking the top spot on the Blackjack leaderboard!

3 DAYS ’Til Prize Day:

Play all of our $1,000.00 Instant Win Games!  With games like Arcade Cash Machine, Prize Grabber and Ring Toss, it’s like bringing the fun of the carnival home!

Insider Tip – You’ll need to play ALL the games on this page to unlock Danielle’s Token Surprise game –BUT- if you play all the games in the area that says “Win $1,000.00 Instantly” on the homepage first, they will automatically count toward your total games for the day!

2 DAYS ’Til Prize Day:

Play all the scratch cards on the Scratch Offs Tab for lots of shots to win $1,000.00 or $2,500.00 cash!

Insider Tip:  If you like playing scratch offs, make sure you don’t miss the PCHlotto App for Android or iPhone, which is packed with EVEN MORE ways to win! 


When October 21st finally arrives, make sure you follow the clues right here on the blog, and on the PCH Prize Patrol Fan Page on Facebook.  And while you’re waiting to see if you’re our BIG WINNER, make sure you go for all the ways to win that I’ve told you about above – you could be pleasantly surprised!

Good Luck!

Laurel U.
PCH Creative

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