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“Negative Nancy Won’t Come Knocking … But The Prize Patrol Definitely Could!”

Hi PCH’ers! Has it ever occurred to you that YOU could be a PCH winner one day? Whether it’s a small prize on PCHGames or a really big SuperPrize, YOU have the power in your hands for a chance to become a winner! Now I know sometimes being positive and hopeful is easier said than done, but I am TELLING YOU – having a little faith goes a long way.

In the PCH Sweepstakes and in life, there are going to be naysayers and obstacles that make you think it’s not worth the fight. Well I have news for you. If you start letting the Negative Nancy’s and naysayers into your head and stop entering the sweepstakes, you’ll NEVER win! It’s all about positivity and hope here – and that, my friends, could get you on the path to WINNING!

Have you seen or heard about our PCH Winners? They come from all walks of life, all cities and states, all ages, and all kinds of households! And YOU could be next!! Just think about it, the Prize Patrol knocks on your door, and there they are, standing with a PCH Big Check with YOUR name on it! Chaos and excitement ensue! Emotions run high! You can finally imagine your life without financial stress and hardships! Well, like I said, keeping the faith and being persistent (and cancelling out the noise from the naysayers) by entering the PCH Sweepstakes could make a world of difference for you!

I’m so interested to know: Have you turned a cheek to the naysayers in your life? Do you have a positive state of mind, and are YOU IN IT TO WIN IT? Tell me in the comments below just how dedicated YOU are to being a PCH winner!

Don’t forget to ENTER now for your chance to make your winning dreams a wonderful reality!

Best of luck and stay positive!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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