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Got a minute? Play Mahjongg Minute!

If you’ve already mastered Mahjongg and are looking for more of a challenge, then you need to play PCH’s Mahjongg Minute! With only a minute on the clock, it is a race against time to match the tiles as quickly as possible, racking up as many points as you can. The best part about this fun and free PCH game is that it only takes a quick minute of your time but could make you a big winner!

Similar to our other Mahjongg games, Mahjongg Toy Chest and Mom-Jongg, you must match two available tiles to remove them from the board. However, with Mahjongg Minute, you only get 60 seconds to match the tiles making it more thrilling and fast-paced! But don’t worry! You still get three free hints for when you get stuck. The tiles will highlight as a hint so you can keep working quickly to beat the clock!Since it only takes sixty seconds to play this game and potentially become a big winner, why not give up some of the time you already spend on your electronic devices and play? Whether you’re checking your e-mail, or just catching up on social media you have constant access to the Internet, making it even easier for you to become a winner! Not only is mahjongg minute extremely fun, but it gives you the opportunity to become a big winner by only taking a minute out of the time you already spend online!

Ready to give up one minute of your time and potentially become a BIG winner?! Go to Games and join in on the fun!

Good Luck,

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

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