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Will YOU Be Our First Winner EVER from PCH Gwy. #8800?

YOU could make history this month.

This April, the Prize Patrol will be awarding a SuperPrize from the brand-new Giveaway Number, PCH Giveaway #8800.

In just weeks, the Prize Patrol could travel in the Prize Patrol van through YOUR hometown, make their way to YOUR doorstep, and award YOU a $7,OOO.OO A Week For Life Prize.

Best yet… this would be the VERY FIRST TIME the Prize Patrol has ever awarded a prize from PCH Gwy. #8800. And at the end of this month, YOU could make history by becoming the very first person to win $7,OOO.OO A Week For Life from PCH Giveaway #8800 !

Have you ever made history before?

If you have, then you know how amazing it feels. If you haven’t, then just imagine the butterflies in your stomach, the smile on your face, the moment your entire life could change if the Prize Patrol arrived at your home with a SuperPrize from PCH Giveaway #8800. Log in and enter to win at and that could all become your reality.

What would your family say if you made history?

Wouldn’t you make your mom, dad, grandparents, and siblings proud? Could winning all of that money help you and your family for the better? Imagine winning $7,OOO.OO A Week For Life if there is a matching winning number, or $1,OOO,OOO.OO if there is no matching winning number… either way, this April 28th could be a great winning moment in history for you and your entire family.

What would your neighbors say?

Your name could be featured in the local newspaper! It could even be featured in newspapers around the country! Wouldn’t everyone be so impressed if you were the very first person in history to win a SuperPrize from our brand-new Giveaway Number, PCH Giveaway #8800?

Will YOU make history in just weeks?

The only way to make sure you could be the first person to win $7,OOO.OO A Week For Life from PCH Giveaway #8800 is by entering to win. So be sure to take advantage of all the ways to win! Enter, Search , Search again, Play, Pick Numbersand more! Go now!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

P.S. How would you feel if you made history by becoming the first person to win $7,OOO.OO A Week For Life from the brand new Giveaway Number, PCH Giveaway #8800? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. I was not home but I know that I got the number 8800 and I didn’t know what that means but there’s so many Joyce living in Florida so if I wine, how would I get that money?

  2. If you can win 7000. Gwy No 8800. But can you win two with a guaranteed minimum sweepstake that would be a pay day. Yes, I love to win that 1400. A week for Life. My heart would stop WOW. That would be great. I Claim it Clyde.

  3. I’m in it to win it!
    I, Juan M$$$$$$$ VIP Elite, hereby claim sole ownership of super prize giveaway number 8800 for $7,000.00 a week for life.
    In compliance and fully eligible within a timely manner, through special bulletin promotions.
    Juan M$$$$$$$
    $$$ C$$$$ St. $$

    1. Hello Susan! Thank you for contacting PCH. In order for us to assist you with your question we will need a bit more information. We kindly ask that you contact us at your convenience. Our customer service representatives may be reached at We look forward to hearing from you.

  4. This would be so awesome just
    knowing my family would be all
    set fór the rest óf there lives
    would be a huge relief
    ??IN IT TO WIN IT??
    Thanks & Good luck to all!

  5. Yes I want to Win $8,000.00 and meet the Prize Patrol on August 31st! At the McBride House, Florida! Now enter me in to Win $7,000.00 A Week For Life and meet the Prize Patrol! Yes I said this before, (28) Years of entering nonstop, by mail and mobile, hoping to Win the Big Prize; still entering and hoping for the Prize Patrol,to come see me! Yes I want to Win! 5/5. Thanks again PCH, God Bless.