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Words From $1 Million SuperPrize Winner Diane Jehanian !

It’s amazing what winning from Publishers Clearing House will allow you to do. Getting a huge windfall like this certainly helps you live out your dreams!

Recently, I had the great pleasure of catching up with one of our favorite SuperPrize winners, Diane Jehanian,  and she and her husband truly feel like they are blessed! She won our $1 Million SuperPrize, and we were so excited to hear what she’s been up to. But first, here’s her winning moment!


Some people think that when someone becomes a big Publishers Clearing House SuperPrize winner, that all they do is sit around all day. That couldn’t be further from the truth! Most of our winners go on vacations, take up hobbies, and even keep working! In fact, that’s what Diane decided to do!

“I’m not retiring, I’m still working!,” she explains. “[Our winnings] make a great retirement nest egg. My husband is actually retired, but when I join him in a few years it’ll be great to depend on.”

Diane went on to say what a blessing it was, and that it’s amazing she didn’t have to earn it. I did remind her, though, that she wouldn’t have won if she hadn’t entered!

“True! I’m still blown away. Our family is so happy for us.”

I asked her if being a Publishers Clearing House winner was something that both she and her husband Greg believed could happen.

“My husband couldn’t be bothered,” she responds with a laugh. “At first the mailings came in his name, so I filled them out. I did all the work for years!”

While the Big Check came in Diane’s name, her husband got to have a little fun too!

“He bought a ’57 Chevy! He’s been restoring it. That’s keeping him busy! Yes, it’s running. He’s working to get seat belts put in and also the engine.”

Greg first owned a ’57 Chevy back when he was sixteen, and he and Diane rode in it during their first date!

“Diane and I went on our first date in that old car! I bought this car to capture a little bit of our youth!”

Although it’s not the same exact one, it doesn’t take much to see that becoming a SuperPrize Winner lets you live out some of your dreams! One of Diane’s dreams also came true when she got to spend some quality time with their son’s family and their first grandchild.

“We took our son and his family to our vacation house in New Milford, PA. It was great to relax with them. We’re just thrilled we have a grandchild!”

Aside from retirement, Diane professes to be a simple person. No extravagant gifts or vacations planned. But she and her husband do hope to make a road trip to Colorado!

“My husband went on tour with my son’s band, and he really was quite taken with the Rockies. We’d love to visit Colorado and other locales out west.”

I asked if that’s why her husband is spending so much time with the ’57 Chevy.

“No, we wouldn’t trust the Chevy for too far! I wouldn’t even try to leave the state of Pennsylvania!”

Hopefully Diane’s story is inspiring to everyone out there who’s still trying. Diane is still trying too! I reminded her that lightning can strike twice!

 “Yes it can,” she agrees. “After all, it did strike once! But there’s no secret to winning. Just be diligent! You’ll never win if you don’t try. You never know!”

If you’re inspired about Diane’s SuperPrize winner story, make sure you’re doing what you can to enter as often as you can. Head on over to today!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. – I loved hearing about Greg’s restoration of the ’57 Chevy! If you won the SuperPrize, what’s something from your youth that you’d like to recapture or revisit? Tell us in the comments below!


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