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Play Spider Solitaire at PCH and Get Tokens!

So today, I got to sit down and play Spider Solitaire as a part of my job! Hey, that’s just one of the many benefits of being a Publishers Clearing House employee! You see, I took a swing around this webby game, because I was asked to tell you about all of the reasons you should play Spider Solitaire at PCH!  Let me tell you, this was an easy and fun assignment!

Not familiar with Spider Solitaire? Well let me clue you in! As my colleague Russell just wrote last month, solitaire has been around for over 200 years, and playing it on the computer has been an addiction for many since computers first entered the home!

Like most solitaire games, Spider Solitaire involves clearing your game area of all of the cards by building “sets” in matching suit order. The site says to play you must eliminate 10 columns of cards by forming same suit sequences in descending order from King to Ace for each column. Here’s a hint: You’ll receive a higher score if you remove all the cards in as few moves as possible.

Obviously, if you’re a serious gamer, you know that there are plenty of ways to fit in your Spider Solitaire fix. But there’s only one way to play Spider Solitaire and get tokens – when you play at!

That’s right, Spider Solitaire is one of our many games that allows you to collect Tokens for usage at the PCH Token Exchange.  What’s the PCH Token Exchange? It’s where you turn in your stacks of tokens for chances to win amazing prizes! And while PCH employees like me cannot enter to win prizes at the Token Exchange, folks like you can visit and go for exciting prizes every single day! We have new winners listed here on the blog every single month, and the only way to have a chance at getting on the list is to exchange your tokens here!

Getting loads of tokens is obviously a great reason to play Spider Solitaire, but don’t forget that it’s also FREE! You don’t have to download some expensive app or buy a game in an online store. Playing Spider Solitaire at is 100% free, so why not try it today? When I played earlier today, I got a score of 1365. Can you beat that?

Have fun playing!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What is your high score? Tell us in the comments below!

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