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April was a HOME RUN for these Token Exchange Winners!

GRAND SLAM! These Token Exchange Winners hit a HOME RUN in April! Across the board, this is a WIN for these PCH game players!

There are so many great reasons us PCH-ers love April – the weather starts to get warmer… the flowers begin to bloom… baseball games are played and watched all throughout the country! I love to go to baseball games on a nice Spring day. Don’t you?

But I digress; I have some all-star news to share! Here’s another reason why we at PCH love April: PCH game players had the opportunity to make the winning play  and exchange their tokens for chances at prizes through our PCH Rewards Token Exchange! They found that playing our free-to-play games, such as PCHlotto, PCHslots , PCHBlackJack, or paid off!

Here’s how it all happened for these Token Exchange Winners: games were played, tokens were scored, tokens were “cashed in” for chances at prizes… and prizes were WON!

Check out who kept their eye on the prize and scored big this month…

Yes, April was a BIG WIN for these prize winners… but please note that the game isn’t over! Did you know that amazing prizes like these are available every day for our PCH game players?

You could become an MVP and make it on next month’s Token Exchange Winners List! YOUR NAME, I repeat, YOUR NAME COULD BE ON NEXT MONTH’S LIST! You could be celebrated along with all of the other May Token Exchange Winners! Rack up those tokens and then exchange them for chances to win great prizes! Get in the game and play now!

Plus, stay up to date on what’s happening in the world of sports by visiting the Sports section of PCHFrontpage  to read all about your favorite teams and sports! While you’re there, you could also search for information on every sport you could think of… while entering to win prizes! You could even rack up tokens while you’re there! Who won the game last night? What games are on next week? Where could I buy merchandise to represent my team? PCHFrontpage could help you find the answers!

Keep your eye on the prize and enter to win today… because winning money  would be a game changer! Now, here’s the game plan: Stay In It To Win It! Go, team, go!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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