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YOU Could Win Money Towards A Kitchen Makeover Contest With PCH!

There’s no place in the home quite like the kitchen. What other room gets the family together so well? Day in and day out we walk through this room, but do we ever really appreciate it? You certainly would if you Win A Kitchen Makeover Contest and win $25,000 to turn it into the kitchen of your dreams!

The kitchen is my favorite room in the house. Ever since I was a kid watching my grandma spend hours making sauce (and letting me be the personal taste tester) I knew it was the place to be. Now that I have my own kitchen, though, I realize how hard it is to keep it organized, clean, and up to date. The kitchen might be the one room in everyone’s house that NEEDS a makeover every so often.

That’s why you should enter now! If you win $25,000 in this kitchen makeover contest with PCH, you could use to boost your kitchen’s charm. Do you already have plans in mind? As someone who enjoys cooking, I’d want mine to be roomy and have lots of counter space.

Maybe you’re someone who enjoys company. Having an island with plenty of seating for friends and relatives to hang around at would be a good idea for you. Plus you could show off all of the modern appliances you surround it with!

You can’t go wrong with a vintage feel. Good lighting, wood trim and lots of cabinets go a long way in giving a kitchen an elegant feel, as well as keeping it clean and organized. And not only will you keep that feel, but also you can give it the best state-of-the-art appliances.

Who doesn’t love a bright country feel? Lots of windows, new hardwood floors and granite countertops will make your kitchen feel clean, open and airy. Plus all of that light will allow you to fill your kitchen with plants! Maybe you could even grow some of your own herbs and spices.

I know what some of you are thinking. You’d love to turn your kitchen into the way you’ve always dreamed it would be, but it’s way too expensive. That’s where PCH comes in! We couldn’t make it easier for you to enter to win a kitchen makeover contest. And if you win $25,000, you’d be able to start renovating your kitchen right away!

Give your home, your guests, your family and yourself the kitchen they deserve. Enter to Win A Kitchen Makeover Contest now–and you could win $25,000!

Joe W
PCH Creative

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