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Win a new Lincoln MKZ

Where’s the first place you’d drive in a new car?

Choosing the right road to take may make all the difference in life, so shouldn’t the car that takes you down that road be equally as important? I think so. And if you win the “Win It All” Prize , you’d win a new Lincoln MKZ to take you down any and every road you choose! So the question I have for you is this: Where’s the first place you’d choose to drive to?

Think about it for a minute… this new Lincoln MKZ is a head-turning, sleek, stylish ride that you’d be proud to drive around in. I can come up with a list of about a dozen places I’d want to go to with a new car, but it would take some concentration and meditation to figure out the first place to go.

Let’s try to narrow it down. Is there a particular person you’d want to visit? Maybe there is someone you’d like to show it off to, someone you’d want to share the first ride with? This is the kind of car that all your friends and relatives will be dying to take a ride in once they see it.

But even after you’ve decided whom to drive to first, we still have the question of where exactly you would drive to? Coming from Long Island, the answer is simple to me. I’d take this new Lincoln MKZ on a long drive to the beach. The seasons of the year have no bearing on how beautiful a drive alongside the ocean is, but the type of car you do it in can impact how good it feels.

Your destination might not matter much when the journey is as good as a ride would be if you win a new car. You might even start to enjoy being stuck in traffic with all the amenities that come with this luxury car!

I know, this car sounds pretty incredible. How much better could it be than winning this sweet ride? I’ll tell you exactly how it could be better! Don’t forget that if you win the “Win It All” Prize, you’d receive $2 Million all at once, plus $10 Thousand every month for the rest of your life! Your first destination should be some place nice to welcome in your new life.

So where would that destination be? A nice restaurant for a high-class dinner? Your favorite designer store for a huge shopping spree? Maybe a cross-country trip? There’s no limit to where a “Win It All” prize winner could drive to. You might want to start keeping a list…

A brand new Lincoln MKZ, not to mention $2,000,000 up front and $10,000 a month for life, could be the prize that changes your life forever. Enter now!  We’re prepared to award this prize on June 30th. Will you know by then where’s the first place you’d drive in a new car?

Joe W.
PCH Creative

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