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Are Publishers Clearing House Winners Real? News Proves YES!

Unfortunately, there are many naysayers out there who just cannot believe that our company and prizes are authentic or even REAL! That’s just sad, because they are really missing out! Our huge fan base DOES believe we’re real, and thoroughly enjoys all that PCH has to offer: fun, games, winning experiences, and much more! It’s now time to prove to those naysayers that Publishers Clearing House and our winners are very REAL, with some authentic news clips of winning moments over the years!

You see, once we find out who our winner is and where they live, we quickly scramble to notify local media so they can come along for the adventure of the “winning moment”! Most of the time, we get a few great news outlets to come join us, and it makes the winning moment THAT much more exciting! Usually the news representative will cover the story and bring their own recording device and camera so they can report back with the great news to their respective workplaces. Sometimes our winning moments are covered by bigger news channels who share the winning story on television the next day! It’s truly amazing to see the support we get from the news and the excitement it brings the news anchors and all of those watching from home!

Here are some AWESOME news coverage videos to show you that YES, PCH and its winners are REAL! In the words of pop superstar Bruno Mars …”Don’t believe me? Just watch!”

Here’s great coverage on recent SuperPrize winner Martha Fryar!

Another one of favorites was when the news came to cover the story of our $5,000 A Week “Forever” Prize winner Ora Gayton in Chicago!

And who remembers Michael Shields from Michigan? The Detroit News came to cover his winning moment!


Here’s a great story about St. Petersburg, FL winner Holly Bloom!

The list of news clips goes on and on! But these are just a few of my favorites. I hope you enjoyed these clips I shared and I truly hope those non-believers among you have a little more faith now after watching! It could be YOUR TURN NEXT! So enter every day in every way for your chance to be a PCH winner and possibly be on your local news!


Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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