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Great News! The PCH Fan Page On Facebook Now Has Two Million Fans!

Today is a day to celebrate! Why, you ask? Because we’ve reached a major milestone! We’re SO proud to announce that the PCH Fan Page on Facebook has officially reached TWO MILLION FANS! WOW – that’s a lot of fans! And that’s mission accomplished here at PCH. After all, we’re committed to entertaining and delighting you all on a daily basis with fun games, exciting sweepstakes, and of course, keeping you all connected through our social media pages!

Each and every fan is special to us, and we’re proud to be your destination for some added excitement and entertainment in your lives! I love the PCH Fan Page because it does such a good job of keeping our fans up-to-date on all things PCH! It’s your one-stop shop to help you stay at the front lines of all our amazing promotions, games, behind-the-scenes fun, and more!

Our live videos are my favorite part about the fan page! It’s an awesome way to interact with the Prize Patrol and see them LIVE in action — whether it’s awarding a winner at their home or just doing live informational videos in the PCH video studio!

If you aren’t already a Publishers Clearing House Facebook Fan Page follower, I HIGHLY encourage you to jump on the bandwagon! You WON’T be disappointed! There’s new and relevant content every day that is sure to delight you.  Just visit us on Facebook and hit “Like” and “Follow” in the upper left hand corner of the page. Once you do that, you’ll get updates and fun posts on your newsfeed from yours truly!

We thank all the PCH fans for being so supportive and putting your trust in us. We love what we get to do every day, and having fans like YOU makes it all the more enjoyable!

P.S. To celebrate, we’re offering our Facebook fans a special treat JUST for today! Head there now to see what it is!

Dillon S.
Promotion Development

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