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Complete Your Daily Checklist at PCHfrontpage Today

Complete Your Daily Checklist Today at PCHFrontpage!

Hey, guys. You know, if you saw my desk here at PCH, you would notice that it’s covered in sticky notes. There’s just too many things going on, so I take a little help from those florescent, re-adherable little pieces of life-saving paper. Every day I make a new “things to do today” list. And that’s why I want to talk to you today about completing your Daily Checklist today at PCHFrontpage !

My daily checklist has about 10 things on it every day. But your Daily Checklist at PCHFrontpage has just 5 things: 1 daily search using Frontpage’s excellent search feature and 4 daily content clicks, which means enjoying the wonderful content available from the content section. So whether you catch up on the news, check the weather, read your horoscope or enjoy different articles, you can do it all every day from PCHFrontpage’s content section located on the home page. So easy!

But the best part is by completing your Daily Checklist, you’ll automatically get a shot at the BIG $5,000.00 INSTANT-WIN BONUS GAMES. You didn’t think there wouldn’t be a sweepstakes twist, did you? Of course there is, so make sure to come back every day for this exciting cash-winning opportunity!

Did you search for anything today? What do you usually search for? If you’re stuck for ideas, you can even check your personal search suggestions next to the search bar! For me, I’d have to say that the majority of my searches include vegetarian recipes. I love food, so I look almost every day for something new and interesting to eat. I also spend tons of time searching for canine health information for my Autumn (my sweet little girl pictured below). Nothing but the best for my angel.

Beautiful Autumn

Tell me, do you have a “usual daily” search? If so, write it in the comments section!

As far as content, I love all the sections, but my favorites are:

  1. The Weather. I check it several times a day. No climate surprises for me!


  1. You guessed it, the PETS section. This can be found in the drop-down list from the Lifestyle tab. Here I can read till my animal-loving heart’s content.

What’s your favorite content section? Let’s see how many of us have things in common!

If you’re not the paper-list-making type, no worries. The Daily Checklist at PCHFrontpage is always right at the bottom of the home page reminding you what you need to do to WIN CASH and BANK TOKENS! No post-its required.

Well, I better start on that Daily Checklist of mine. Lots to do. Thanks for hanging out with me guys, and I’ll talk to you next time. No really, I will, it’s on my list!

Tina P.
Online Creative

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