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What’s One Unique Fact About Your Dream Vacation?

Hey, blog readers! Summertime always gets me thinking about vacations, specifically dream vacations. Mine is Rome. As a fan of history, it would be a dream come true to see live the places I’ve read so much about.

What’s your dream vacation? Is it a trip around the world? A European cruise? How about a romantic beach getaway?

Comment below and let me know! I’d like to know where our fans dream about going. (Am I the only person who wants to go to Rome?) And be sure to look up all sorts of unique facts about your dream vacation with PCHSearch&Win!

Here’s one about Rome: Did you know that Romans were affectionate pet owners? They would even put ID tags on their dogs in case the dog ran away! They never taught that in history…

How much do you know about your dream vacation? Well, even if you’re like me and think you know a whole lot, there are still SO MANY interesting facts that you can learn. Plus, wouldn’t you like to plan out some ideas of what you’d do on your dream vacation if you went?

Well, you can do all of that when you search at PCHSearch&Win! But that’s just part of the benefit for searching about your dream vacation… the real reason you should look up unique facts at PCHSearch&Win is that every one of your searches could win you money to PAY for your dream vacation!

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But that’s just the start. Each time you search, you could win Instant Cash Prizes or Gift Cards. So keep on looking up unique facts about your dream vacation, because each time you do you could be winning money to get you closer and closer to that destination.

There’s so much to learn, so much to see. And PCHSearch&Win helps you find it — all while you enter to win incredible prizes! So head there and learn all about your dream vacation destination!

And when you comment and tell me your dream destination, tell me a unique fact you found along with it! Let’s see who can find the most interesting fact about their dream vacation…

Joe W
PCH Creative

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