“I Was Contacted By A Publishers Clearing House Scammer!” Here’s What To Do!

PCH Fans,

Picture this… it’s an ordinary day and as you go about your daily activities you are suddenly interrupted by a phone call, letter, email, Facebook message or some other type of notification advising that you are a big Publishers Clearing House winner.

You get so excited you almost drop everything you are holding to jump in the air and begin yelling with excitement. That is of course until you remember that there are two very important things missing — the PCH Prize Patrol AND the Big Check! Yes friends, the alarms should be sounding right about now. THIS IS A SCAM!

Here at PCH we do our best to alert consumers about the latest scams. Since we love making dreams come true with our exciting sweepstakes, we hate nothing more than to learn of  fraudulent scammers contacting our loyal fans in their attempts to illegally obtain money and personal information.

So, what should you or your friends and family do if you suspect that you are being scammed? Well, the first thing is to never give out personal information or send money to the scammers! The second thing is make sure you report the scam right away using our super helpful scam form!

Remember – stay educated and know the signs of a PCH scam!  At Publishers Clearing House we NEVER contact our winners in advance. It’s ALWAYS a surprise.  To identify a scam, you should look for the following signs:

  • You were messaged on social media
  • You received a phone call telling you that you are a major prize winner at PCH.
  • You were asked to send a money card, cash, or provide the scammers with bank/personal information to claim your prize.

These are just some of the signs to watch out for. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. As a matter of fact, my own father AND one of my best friends were both contacted by PCH scammers!

I hope you found this information super-helpful. Please stay alert and make sure you always report any Publishers Clearing House scam you received. The more we know about these scammers, the better we can protect our loyal fans just like you!

Stay Alert!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

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  1. I fear my mother in law is being scammed. The supposed name calling her is Mike Anderson
    949-216-7440. He is calling her numerous times per day. Asking for money. Saying she needs to pay the carrier to deliver her prizes. We think she believes this person.

    1. Hello Melinda! That is not the real PCH calling; it’s a scammer that’s only pretending to be from PCH. Please do not call that number, do not give the scammer any personal info including bank account information, and definitely do not send them any money. If you haven’t already done so, please report that scam contact to us via the following link: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH. I encourage you to read these Safety Tips too: https://bit.ly/FraudProtection2. Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim!

    1. Hi Alfred! Please report all contacts from scammers to PCH via this link: http://bit.ly/Report-Scam-To-PCH. PCH does partner with the Federal Trade Commission and we send all scam reports to them so please make sure you let us know anytime a scammer contacts you. Remember, the real PCH never notifies major prize winners via phone, standard mail, email, or social media, and we never ask winners to pay to claim their prize. You can see more Safety Tips here: https://bit.ly/FraudProtection2. Please be careful everyone; don’t become a scammer’s victim.