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How Do You Choose Your Lucky Numbers? Play Them Now At PCHLotto!

Hey PCHer’s! Doesn’t it feel great when you get lucky? Luck is all around us; you could find and make your own luck everyday! Some people feel more lucky by carrying lucky objects, by maintaining rituals, and most commonly, by choosing lucky numbers!

How do you choose your lucky numbers?

Do you choose them by using birthdays or anniversaries? Maybe by phone numbers or addresses? Perhaps it’s completely random … like how many times

you’ve mowed your lawn in your lifetime? Anything creative, outside the box, and just plain fun could help you to find your lucky numbers!

 We asked some PCHers how THEY choose THEIR lucky numbers:

“My lucky numbers almost always come from books, TV, and theatre! Like there are seven Harry Potter books, so I love the number seven. Jean Valjean’s prison number is 24601, so sometimes I’ll pick 2-4-60-1. One of my favorite TV shows of all time is 24, so 24.” — William F.

“I always think of the day I started dating my boyfriend as my lucky day: July 3rd. That’s why my lucky numbers are 7 & 3!” — Nicole M.

 “My favorite number is 23. My best friend in the world, my rescue dog, Autumn, was born on the 23rd, which makes it a very special number for me – one that fills me with gratitude and happiness.” — Tina P.

“My lucky numbers are my family members’ birthdays.” — Jason I.

“I’ve always found numbers worn by famous sports players to be lucky, like #7 Mickey Mantle or #12 Joe Namath.” — Matt S.

“I use my sisters’ and daughters’ favorite numbers. If their favorite lucky numbers are good enough for them … they’re good enough for me.” — Elliot M.

At PCH, we’re all about lucky numbers. And here’s how YOU could make your lucky number a winning number: the new PCHlotto has more ways to WIN than ever before! We have tons of daily prize, weekly prize, and MegaPrize games for you to try your lucky numbers with for exciting opportunities to win!

Now … How do YOU pick your lucky numbers? Tell us in the comments section below! And while these numbers are fresh in your mind, hop over to PCHlotto and use them to enter to win prizes! And who knows … you could get VERY lucky by playing to win!

Francesca B.
PCH Creative

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