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PCH Awarded “Certified Against Malware” Seal for Fraud Protection

I’d like to share some important news with all you fans. PCH has received the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s “Certified Against Malware” seal! We were among the first set of certified companies to implement the group’s anti-malware guidelines.

We’re so proud to have received this award, and we would like all you fans to know that we take fraud protection very seriously. We’re constantly posting about how you can spot and recognize scammers. This is to help you stay safe, and to let you know we’re taking necessary precautions toward stopping fraudulent behavior.

PCH was selected, along with eight other certified companies, to receive this award for our work at recognizing and stopping malware, which is software intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems. Scammers often use malware to obtain information through fraudulent means.

“You can’t stop fraud without stopping malware because the two are intertwined at nearly every level,” CEO of Trustworthy Accountability Group Mike Zaneis told, which originally reported the news.

To qualify for the “Certified Against Malware” seal, certified companies must follow guidelines based on the Trustworthy Accountability Group’s best practices for scanning malware released last year.

PCH wouldn’t be who we are today without all of you. And because you mean so much to us, we want to help keep you as safe as we possibly can. We hope this news of our recent award reminds you that we take fraud protection seriously, and that we’ll continue to help keep you safe as you go to PCH  to play games, catch up on news, enter to win our life-changing sweepstakes, and however else you like to spend time with us.

Remember, fans, to always stay vigilant when you’re online. But know that PCH continues to implement the latest and most innovative safety measures to protect your information, prevent fraud protection, and ensure your safety while interacting with us.

Stay Safe and Have Fun!

Joe W.
PCH Creative

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